Upcoming Meetings

Canterbury Bankstown Multicultural Interagency

The Canterbury Bankstown Multicultural Interagency (CBMIA) is a community cross sector forum which comprises representatives of non-government and government organisations and private service providers in the Canterbury and Bankstown LGA’s. CBMIA is jointly convened by The Multicultural Network (TMN) and Metro Assist. The CBMIA meets monthly and alternates between Metro Assist Campsie and Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre.


To adhere to democratic principles and practices of community development.  


  • To identify issues, needs and gaps in services, co-ordinate strategies etc. to improve service delivery to CALD communities, refugees and humanitarian entrants in Canterbury and Bankstown areas.
  • Provide an avenue for exchange of information and a forum for discussion on issues of concern for communities, in partnership with Government and community sectors and across LGAs.
  • Provide an overview of issues and respond as required, on issues affecting CALD, Refugee and Humanitarian Entrants/ clients and communities in relation to policy changes, service delivery and resource allocation to the area.


  • Improve networking and co-ordination of services amongst community groups and organisations, peaks and advocacy groups.
  • Improve knowledge and skills of workers by organizing a program of guest speakers, relevant workshops and seminars etc.
  • Facilitate working groups to develop an integrated response on issues affecting CALD, Refugee and Humanitarian Entrants communities in order to address access and equity principles and practices with all levels of Government.